1. Agreement to Abide by Terms of Use of Website

The investor(s) should agree to abide by the terms provided in this agreement pertaining to website usage. The investor(s) is/are the only authorized user(s) of their respective accounts. It is also the investor(s) responsibility to ensure the protection of the User ID and Password.

2. Internet Usage and Security

The investor(s) should acknowledge that Philstocks Online Trading Platform by Philstocks Financial, Inc. will not be held liable for the availability or security of their internet service provider, or lack thereof. Philstocks system is not liable if the investor(s) cannot secure a connection to the website because of faulty service from their ISPs. Likewise, Philstocks cannot be held responsible in the event of a security breach coming from their ISP.

3. Use of Third Party Websites

For the benefit of our investors, Philstocks Online Trading Platform has links to other websites that contain information or materials that Philstocks believes would be relevant to the investor’s online trading needs. This does not mean that Philstocks endorses these websites. Philstocks is not responsible for the contents of these websites or the opinions expressed herein because these sites are not under the control of Philstocks.

4. Other Media and Modes of Communication

Philstocks services are not limited to Philstocks website, it may include software and other applications for use in different electronic devices. Services are also available in other social networking sites and we shall call these modes of communication as Social Media.


Philstocks Financial, Inc. welcomes and appreciates investor(s) posting dissatisfaction, disagreements and other differing opinions related to our policies, network systems and other products and services. However, the investor(s) are also in agreement to NOT do any of the following:

4.1. Abuse, threaten, harass, defame, stalk, or violate the legal rights of Philstocks Financial, Inc. administrators and other Philstocks Financial, Inc. members and clients;

4.2. Publish, post, distribute or disseminate any material or information that may be defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent or unlawful;

4.3. Upload or attach files that are not in their direct control, in accordance with the enforcement of Intellectual Property laws;

4.4. Upload or attach files that may contain viruses, corrupted files or other software or programs that can damage the operation of another person’s computer;

4.5. Delete any author attributions, legal notices or proprietary designations or labels in any file that is uploaded;

4.6. Misrepresenting or altering the origin or source of any material, software of file that is uploaded;

4.7. Dissemination of any advertising materials, offers to sell any goods or services, conduction or forwarding of surveys, contests or chain letters; and

4.8. Violate any existing laws, statutes, rules and regulations protecting the rights of a person—individual or juridical.

The investor(s) should also be in agreement to observe proper internet etiquette when using these social media. All correspondences in these sites are considered public. All communications will not be considered filtered or screened by Philstocks Financial, Inc., who reserves the right to remove any materials or information which do not adhere to these conditions, without prior notice. Likewise, Philstocks Financial, Inc. will hold liable any individual or entity that may be found to have caused any/all acts with malicious intent.

REVISED. As of 20151111